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Relationship Counselling for Individuals and Couples

Are you having problems in your relationship or that you are struggling to cope with on your own. Relationships can provide us with the greatest happiness but can also be a source of anxiety and isolation when they start to break down.

Couple counselling can help you rebuild your relationship and stay together if you so wish. Or if you decide to separate counselling can help you achieve this in a more amicable way.

Individual counselling can help you explore your ideas and expectations around making and maintaining relationships.

As a qualified relationship counsellor I can help you deal with conflict in a safe and non judgemental environment. Communication breakdown is a common issue. Learning how to listen to each other and understanding and respecting each other`s beliefs may help resolve conflict.

Moving on into a new relationship how to deal with trust issues.

Common Issues in Relationship Counselling.
Trust & Betrayal Issues
Dealing with emotional, sexual or cyber affairs
Digital addiction
Complex multiple Relationships
Learning to let go of toxic relationships & moving on to form healthier relationships
Arguments and bickering without resolution
Relationship break up or divorce
Pre-marital & pre-living together counselling
Extended family conflict
Cross Cultural Relationship difficulties
Dealing with the loss of a relationship
How to manage internet dating
Love Bombing

Navigating a new relationship

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